Patrick Tudor

     “‘But what I say is this: if one convinces a person logically that he essentially has nothing to cry about, he’ll stop crying. That’s clear. Or are you convinced that he won’t?’
     ‘Life would be too easy that way,’ Raskolnikov replied.”

Crime and Punishment

alternate ptudor:
Test your browser’s support for IDN.
You can also find me on the ARIN whois server and FCC ULS.
B.A., Study of Religion, John Muir College, University of California, San Diego.
useful stuff:
My computers in the NTP Pool.
PPS NTP on FreeBSD 10 notes.
Compile a fat library of GeographicLib for iOS/XCode with my script.
Installing an iGate for APRS on CentOS.
My page about Zabbix, the best monitoring tool ever.
Setting up GPG keys.
A neat page about Good UI.
And Butterick’s Practical Typography.
RFC 2821 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
RFC 2822 Internet Message Format
Import vpopmail authentication into an htpasswd file.
What to do about DDoS attacks.
Some guy at the SDSC generates dnsbl stats.
A script for spf2cidr.
pictures of me:
Me on my old Sentra (Spring 1997)
Old desk at IHETS (mid 1998)
Me with a beer in Munich (June 1995)
Me in Mission Beach (Feb 2003)
Me at the Forum in Rome (October 2003)
I’m on a boat (Spring 2013)
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